Proudly made in the USA.


The Friesen family has been in manufacturing since 1963 as the original founders & owners of Meridian Industries. In 1988, “Friesen of Iowa” was opened in Storm Lake, Iowa, by Garry Friesen, and was joined by Byron Friesen. The Friesens led the bulk seed movement within the seed industry with their innovative bulk handling products, becoming widely known for their storage bins and the introduction of the Friesen Bulk Seed Tender. In 2004, after years of growing Friesen of Iowa (Friesen USA) and becoming leaders in the seed equipment business, Garry & Byron sold Friesen USA to a separate corporate group within the industry.

Harvest International was formed in 2007, lead by Jeff Sivinski and Byron Friesen, bringing all of the innovation, quality, and trust from their long history in manufacturing. In 2009, Garry Friesen joined the team at Harvest International, bringing his experience & knowledge to the table. In 2011, with strong growth and a burgeoning demand for high quality, American-made equipment, a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility was built in Storm Lake, Iowa. Featuring custom designed assembly lines and cutting edge technology, everything leaving the door is ensured to be a superior product.

Harvest International stands above the rest with unprecedented quality, customer service, and safety benchmarks as the industry standard continues to be raised. Harvest International has championed the idea that every farmer should be able to work with well-built, American-made equipment that can keep up with the grueling demands of modern farming.


We are Moving the Nation’s Grain one bushel at a time by building state-of-the-art equipment.  In doing so giving you, the customer, our commitment of the highest quality, dependability, service, and support possible.


We are extremely proud of the equipment we build.  Our products are the best value for the money. Our designs are strong, simple, and in many cases, unique.

  • Quality – We only choose components that meet our high standards.
  • State of the Art Craftsmanship
  • Precision – Processed and Manufactured to exact specifications
  • Engineering Reliablity – Accurate fits for all your parts
  • Employee Care – Our staff takes pride in its ability to provide quality products
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