Product Overview

We are proud to introduce the LaserPro 1 (patent pending):  A new generation of row unit.  Laser-cut, high tensile steel offers a maximum durability row unit for streamlined high speed planting.  When it comes to durability, accuracy, and serviceability, the LaserPro 1 is unrivaled in class all by itself.


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  • Laser-cut, high tensile steel for streamlined high speed planting.
  • DeltaForce-ready brackets
  • Tapered, non-metallic bushing adjustment is self-lubricating and adjusts in seconds on parallel link arm assemblies.
  • Lateral gauge wheel adjustment allows you to simply move the gauge wheels from side to side, easily rotating on a bushing.
  • Tungsten carbide scrapers
  • QuickRelease™ closing wheel mount allows you to remove and replace closing wheels in seconds
  • Industrial chrome seed tube protector is extremely durable and wear-resistant
  • Lateral closing wheel adjustment
  • Powder Coat Plus has a superior coating & is long lasting.
  • Double Row ball bearing disc opener is 15″ in diameter and features 3 1/2 mm blades
  • Integrated Camber adjustment
  • Standard SAE service bolts