Product Overview

The UltraPlant is uniquely designed to integrate seamlessly with all precision planting applications. It is breaking the industry mold by allowing the farmer to completely customize his own bar, only putting on exactly what is needed for a specific application – so you can take the UltraPlant to the field, and leave nothing behind.
Models Available:
PB: 20’, 30’, 40’ 44’, 60’

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  • Highly customizable row spacing: 15”, 20”, 22”, 30”, etc.
  • Internal vacuum port significantly minimizes external hoses & tubes.
  • External steel hydraulic tubes are easy to service & increase oil cooling.
  • Powder Coat Plus has a superior coating & is long lasting.
  • Narrow front-fold transport.
  • Adjustable wheels with primary/secondary cylinder system

Available Add-Ons:

  • Precision Advantage CSD (Central Seed Delivery)
  • LaserPro1 Row Units
  • Deck
  • 1000 gallon liquid fertilizer tank
  • 300 gal tank & platform
  • Drawbar HD (on select models only)
  • Row markers
  • Weight brackets
  • Marker-compatible Harvest International weights
  • Muck Master Tires (standard on front running models)

See Toolbar Matrix for model specifications.