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DEFINITIONS. The “Seller” is defined as Harvest International, Inc., and its divisions. “Dealer” is defined as authorized members of the Harvest International Dealer Network. ORDER AGREEMENT By placing an order through the Harvest International Sales Department, you are agreeing to the following: A) that you are authorized to confirm this purchase and acknowledge that you understand the terms and conditions of this Agreement, B) that all of the information on the Sales Order is correct to the best of your knowledge C) You understand that revisions to this Sales Order may be subject to processing fee(s) and/or production delay(s) D) You understand that you are responsible for submitting the 20% Down Payment (if applicable) to the Seller, Harvest International, Inc., upon receipt of the Down Payment Invoice. E) You understand that shipping costs and fees are not included in sales order submissions and will be applied to the final invoice. F) You understand that full payment on the final invoice is required before delivery of product can occur unless other authorized arrangements are made. ORDER PROCESSING TERMS & CONDITIONS Sales Orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays or in inclement weather. If a high volume of orders are being processed, shipments may be delayed. Please allow additional days in transit for delivery. If there will be a significant delay in the shipment of Dealer order, contact will be made via email or telephone. PAYMENT POLICY Sales Orders exceeding the amount of $20,000.00USD are subject to a 20% Down Payment. Shipping and handling fees are not included in the total amount of the Sales Order or Down Payment. The Down Payment must be received in full before the product will be scheduled for production. The Down Payment is non-refundable. The remaining amount due, including shipping & handling fees, must be paid in full before the product will be released for shipping unless other authorized arrangements are made. Dealer may be asked to sign an Order Agreement prior to receiving the Down Payment Invoice. It is the Dealer's responsibility to provide appropriate email contact(s) for providing Invoices & exchanging financial information about the account. Sales Orders whose totals are under $20,000.00USD are not subject to a Down Payment and must be paid in full prior to shipping, including shipping and handling fees. PRODUCTION ESTIMATES Production estimates are based on Seller’s analysis & understanding of the work to be performed and assume various production factors including normal working conditions and the use of materials which conform to the specification and supply of goods and standards of custom planter manufacturing industry. It is therefore EXPRESSLY UNDERSTOOD THAT PRODUCTION ESTIMATES ARE NOT GUARANTEED. CHANGE ORDERS Change Orders are processed on a situational basis. Dependent on product availability and current production status and/or schedule, Change Orders may be subject to processing fees and/or production delays. Change Orders that are made after the Down Payment has been received may result in an additional Down Payment Invoice. SHIPPING POLICY - US & CANADA All toolbar shipments of complete toolbars to be transported within the continental US & Canada will be arranged by Seller unless the Dealer chooses to arrange their own shipping. Please contact the shipping department at time of ordering to determine what type of trailer/unloading requirements order calls for. It is the Dealer’s responsibility to provide information about situational unloading environments (ie, absense of a loading dock, etc) It is the Dealer’s responsibility to provide accurate destination address and unloading environment information. SHIPPING/ DELIVERY ESTIMATES - Any shipping date expressed is approximate and dependent upon prior sales and circumstances beyond Seller’s control. Seller shall not be liable for damages or delays in performance due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control including without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any priority system established by any agency of the United States Government, acts of God, accidents, strikes, insurrections, war, shortage of materials, lack of transportation and failure of performance of subcontractors or suppliers for similar reasons. Failure of Seller to perform for these reasons shall not be grounds for Dealer's cancellation of its order but the delivery date shall be extended accordingly and Seller will notify Dealer of the causes of the anticipated delay. LTL SHIPMENTS Seller charges the average dollar amount quoted dependent upon carrier availability for the destination location. Seller is not responsible for delays in transit time. INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS International dealers, excluding those in Canada, are responsible for providing containers and or/shipping arrangements through forwarders at their disclosure of product from the Seller Facility. Seller is not responsible for late container arrivals. It is the Dealer’s/Importer’s responsibility to work with the Seller Shipping Department to confirm the appropriate size and type of container as necessary. It is the Dealer’s/Importer’s responsibility to be aware of their country’s Customs requirements and to convey all necessary information to Seller at time of ordering. Loaded container weight cannot exceed 42,000 pounds. 3RD PARTY SHIPMENT ARRIVALS 3rd Party shipments that are shipped to the Seller Facility, such as but not limited to, products from outside vendors, that were not provided by the Seller, but are provided by the Dealer, may be subject to stocking fees and/or loading/unloading fees. It is the Dealer’s responsibility to provide a minimum of 10 days notice prior to receipt of goods at the Seller Facility. Failure to give adequate notice may result in rejection of shipment or additional fees. It is the Dealer’s responsibility to provide shipment information such as identifiable information, weight, dimension, and type of product that is to be shipped. The Seller reserves the right to reject any 3rd party arrival that may cause safety risks to the people and property of the Seller. Acceptance of 3rd party arrivals is subject to warehouse storage capabilities. Seller is not liable for damage to 3rd party shipments. PARTS ORDERS Small parts orders will be shipped via UPS unless other authorized arrangements are made. Parts orders will be billed at NET 20 terms and receive the standard 20% parts discount year-round, unless other conditions apply. WARRANTY AND SERVICE EXPECTATIONS Harvest International Dealers are expected to fulfill customer equipment service requirements. If a Dealer is unequipped or unable to provide adequate service to their customers, arrangements will be made within the Harvest International Service Department. It is the Dealer’s responsibility to know and follow the Harvest International Limited Warranty Policy. Registration upon customer sale is required, as is the Dealer/Owner Pre-operational checklist. Registrations and warranty claims can be submitted under the Dealer Login at By agreeing below, you verify that you are authorized by your Company to agree to the terms and conditions stated herein, and understand and adhere to the terms & conditions stated herein on all future purchases from the Seller, or until additions or alterations to these terms & conditions are made and expressed by the Seller.
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