The premier Precision Planting ready row unit

Hi-tensile steel crafted with laser precision to offer unrivaled DURABILITY, serviceability, & consistency


  • Laser-cut, hi-tensile steel construction
  • QuickRelease™ closing wheel mount
  • Hydr Down Force-ready X-Plate
  • Parallel "Battle-Arms" w/ tapered, high-strength polymer bushings
  • Lateral closing wheel adjustment
  • Built-in camber adjustment to easily adjust gauge wheel angle to stay true against disc openers
  • Lateral gauge wheel adjust rotates on a bushing


  • Available with 1.6bu or 3bu seed boxes
  • Row lockups for interplant
  • Support for vSetSelect & vApplyHD
  • Standard gauge wheels can be upgraded to narrow MudSmith spoked wheels.
  • LaserPro 1N can be configured to 8" twin row spacings (mini-hopper only)



*Standard LaserPro1 row units are designed to facilitate, but do not include, DeltaForce or AgLeader Hydr DownPressure, vSet Classic/2/Select seed meters & mini-hoppers, 1.6/1.9/3bu SeedBoxes, SpeedTube, FurrowJet, Keeton Seed Firmers, vApply HD, Multi-Hybrid, vDrive insecticide, a wide variety of closing wheel & row cleaner systems, & more. 
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